Game Feature

May 9, 2017

1. Dynamic Scenery

A dynamic and vivid world with unique heroes and fantastic 3D visuals brings the game to life!


2. Heroes Recruit

Legendary heroes from four classic fantasy races - Humans, Orcs, Elves, and the Undead - are yours to summon and command in strategic battles.


3. Ultimate Combos

Ultimate Skill combinations lets you unleash devastating abilities with screen-shattering effects. With multiple secret combinations to discover between heroes, your imagination is the limit!


4. Unique Gameplay

Airship treasure hunts, chaotic battlefields, endless dungeons... the game provides a variety of unique game modes to experience! Build guilds, fight cross-server battles, create your own legacy in the game!


5. Battle Never Ends

An eternal war rages on! Epic Boss fights, Arena duels, Cross-server team battles - there are numerous ways to show off the might of your heroes.


6. Free Giveaway

Tons of gifts are up for grabs every day! Get free Diamonds just for playing and login every day to get a rare Hero!


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